4 thoughts on “Our Sunday Routine

  1. I stumbled across your videos by accident, and have to say, have found them extremely interesting (not least becaue I had an American girlfriend at university….).

    Attitudes to religion in Britain are complex. People don’t like to be very overt about their beliefs. That said, most people, I think, enjoy the ritual aspects; certainly the festivals. Even Richard Dawkins claimed to be culturally Christian, in that he took part in singing carols at Christmas, and hymns at Easter. To quote Queen Elizabeth (the First), “I make no windows into men’s minds”. Religion is more a personal thing.

    Anyway, keep making the videos. Thoroughly enjoying them.

  2. My family and myself are untraditionally Christian. We believe that a church is an assembly of believers rather than a building or a place of worship. Thus church is what we are supposed to be rather than where we are supposed to be.

    I always tell people that we don’t “do” church or traditional church services. Thus church service is what we offer to each other. Whenever we are together we are enjoying fellowship.

    I believe that Felipe is Hispanic but is he Spanish/American or Luso (Portuguese)/American? I am British and my wife is half Portuguese and half Chinese.

  3. My husband and I just discovered your videos on youtube and we are having a wondeful time watching them. You have a beautiful family! Being a Christian myself, I thank God that traditional marriage looks to be coming back to the UK. Being part of a physical church is extremely important so am really glad you have found a spiritual home here.
    Have you been to Brighton yet? The Royal Pavilion? Its history is wonderful, and also the Brighton Museaum is worth a visit too. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys. God bless you.

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