11 thoughts on “Americans Try Marmite & Visit UK Grocery Store

  1. Hi ya,
    Really enjoyed watching that video.
    Like most English breakfast tables, Marmite, Jam & Marmalade would always be present.
    However, I worked and lived in Papua New Guinea (Australia)
    For 8 years and was converted to Vegemite.
    You can buy Vegemite in most superstores and I think you may be pleasantly surprised how nice it is compared to Marmite.
    Try Vegemite




      1. Hi,

        Yes milder (better)
        Myself and partner always use the Tesco Extra in Havant (close to Portsmouth) close to the Hayling Island junction on the motorway. I’m the cook, and the Tesco iPhone app is co cool to manage your shopping and see the best deals.
        It’s defo must for your gadgets.
        Check out on BBC iplayer this good programme
        Eat Well for Less?, Series 5: Episode 1: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bb2frf via @bbciplayer

        Have a nice weekend

        James & Emma

          1. To watch BBC iplayer you need to have a TV licence.
            To watch any live TV also.
            Netflix and Utube and ch4 & ch5 apps are ok to watch without a license.
            It would be madness not to have a tv licence purely because there are some very good programmes to watch on TV.

  2. It’s time we took a wander into Aldi, there’s a new one in Portchester, usually it’s a Tesco custard doughnut.
    However currently now and not for much longer.
    Check the Tesco Grocery App
    Tescos ‘Soreen Banana Loaf’ is 60p
    Defo will keep the little one quiet.
    Another good current Tesco offer is frozen ‘Chicken Steaks’
    2 x boxes for £2.50, great for chicken burgers.

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