Postmod Pod Episode 5: The Great Reset

Felipe and Lillian are making sense of current events, sharing Twitter videos, and commenting on what is brewing in our society! Email us at thepostmodernfamily@gmail.com or find us on Youtube to tell us what you think.

2 thoughts on “Postmod Pod Episode 5: The Great Reset

  1. Just like to say what a brilliant and very entertaining videos you are producing.
    It provides great viewing in these difficult times.
    Keep up the great work you do and i will inform as many relatives and friends who are not aware of you.

  2. 8 years in British Merchant Navy, been to USA a lot. 3 years Trotskyist revolutionary, a party to bringing down the Heath goverment in early 70’s. 1975 to present, permanently in South Africa, saw it all, wrote and published book about. SA citizen. Currently in Ireland visiting loved ones. 74, have some insights. Love your vlogs.

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