Searching for Great Britain

The circumstances of our arrival in the United Kingdom may appear to be mysterious, but they are very straight forward. I work for a large multinational industrial firm, and am proud to have merited consideration for an overseas placement within the company; even prouder that Her Majesty the Queen’s government granted me and my family five-year tier 2 visas for said placement. We are nearing the five year mark on those visas, and this anniversary has stirred some reflection on the direction of our YouTube channel.

The Postmodern Family is a creature of my own mind. I originally intended it to be a source of encouragement for young families who were trying to apply the timeless lessons of the ages to their current circumstances; I wanted it to be a love offering to the community of people trying to live out a “traditional family life” (e.g. the patriarchy) in this modern world. In this sense the mission was broadly aimed at folks within Christian, Western Culture, and was not particularly focused on a given nation.

As we experimented with various topics and genres we made a few insights regarding our channel’s focus. Firstly, there is a very broad range of people in the ‘traditional life’ space at the moment. From radical Roman Catholics with large families, head-covered wives, and latin-rite-loving husbands, to more modest approaches wherein proud homemakers raise children and obey their husbands without all the RC trappings. We thought, what contribution are we making to that space? Not for selfish reasons did we wonder about our focus; we have one life to live, and we want to pour that life into endeavours which meaningfully impact the communities we love.

Here is what living nearly five years in the U.K. and running the channel for two years has taught us: British people who love their country and are saddened by what it has become appear to find joy and encouragement in our content when it explores the Greatness of Britain. Our videos discussing the wonder of London, the bravery of the crew of HMS Victory, the beauty of Lillian singing I Vow to Thee my Country… this content has brought many tears down many cheeks. Thus the second insight is that there is a community of patriotic Brits that have responded with great affection to our love for their country. We and this community are bound together by our mutual love for Great Britain; watching American immigrants defend and love their country appears to bring them joy, and this joy brings us joy.

Which brings me to the point of this post. We are still The Postmodern Family, and we are still living a traditional family life. The ethos of our family will continue to be the patriarchy, and this ethos will continue to shine through in our content. However, the focus of our content will now be directed at that embattled, weary, and loving community of Brits that feel betrayed by their government, their press, their university, and their church. Britannia has welcomed us with open arms, and we shall serve her by defending and honouring her; we will endeavour to bring glory to this nation, that her loving community may be further encouraged to raise up new sons and daughters who will not betray their sacred patrimony.

We will study your history, your arts, your great men, your spectacular contributions to Western Civilisation–all while having fun and being goofy at times. We are on a search and secure mission. We are Americans living in the U.K., searching for Great Britain.

18 thoughts on “Searching for Great Britain

  1. Beautifully written.
    I as an English and British person are so glad and humbled that we have people like you who have fallen in love with this country and its people.

  2. It is having Genuine Kind and Brilliant People like you the Postmodern Family, That Really Put the Great In to Great Britain, especially as you remind US how Great Our Country is, in UK even though, way things are run by Government saddens me, and it is important to be reminded how good UK is and what can be accomplished when we all Work Together and put our differences aside,No matter what Religion or Gender or Disability or Race or what ever Sexual orientation we are or What Country you originally come from in UK we are all British and should be proud of that fact🇬🇧 God Save the Queen.

  3. Your thoughts, your comments and your general philosophy are truly heart-warming to this embattled, weary and loving Brit! So glad that you’ve got eyes to see and ears to hear, when so many people seem to spend their lives eyes wide shut, fingers in ears,’la-la-la…..’
    There is a sense that our history, our culture and our very Britishness is being quietly erased, and our sacred spaces de-sanctified (I live in the place with the crazy golf cathedral) while we are being re-programmed as bland NPCs, pawns in the new world order. Thank you for sticking up for us, and I’m sure we don’t deserve you! You put some Brits to shame.

  4. @jordizee @carl @kevin

    Thank you for your encouraging comments. We need your support—especially when we get disparaging comments from country-loathing Brits telling us to go home.

  5. Well, if that post isn’t a shining example as to why the USA (a great nation) and Great Britain (another great nation) are such close friends and allies I don’t know what is. I am one of those Brits who feel we have, as a nation lost our confidence and way and sometimes people need reminding of who we truly are. History shows the way forward in so many ways. We have always been a supremely tolerant people and it pains me when I see intolerance of other views shot down with such anger.
    Please do stay here! Your influence is an entirely positive one and an example of a very fine family living a very fine existence. If you do get negativity, I’m very sorry – being Americans I’m sure you quickly brush it off and don’t take it to heart too much.
    I’ve just visited HMS Belfast, a second world war Battle Cruiser moored in the River Thames and now a museum. It’s particularly potent as it shows younger generations the fortitude and courage of previous generations and hopefully give the courage to face current tests in the same manner. Perhaps you can visit it sometime. All best wishes – Patrick

  6. Hi Guys,

    Enjoy your videos, I noticed you both do a lot of reaction videos to 70`s and 80`s comedy and as much as it is classic and good I have wandered why are you reacting to such dated content ?
    Get a TV license, the winter is approaching and there is so much British culture on TV to watch on those cold nights.
    Nobody likes paying for a license but if you want access to British Culture watch British TV.

    Please do a reaction video to the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team Ceremonial `Haka` its awsome to watch.
    Jimbo x

    1. Hi,

      Without a doubt the award winning ‘This Country’ BBC
      This humour will definitely will be almost impossible for you to comprehend, lol
      The occasional swear word here and there. (Children)
      BBC iplayer

  7. Hello Lillian and Felipe.
    I hope you’re going to stay with us for another five years, and beyond. We as a nation must move forward, so having people like you and your family here is a blessing.
    Kind regards Nige.

  8. I love watching your varied and interesting content.

    I’m not a Nationalist but mourn for how things used to be by way of the character of the nation as I’m sure many people from many other western nations see how our joint Christian heritage is being destroyed by the those with an atheistic mindset.

    I look forward to seeing your new presentations studying our history in greater depth and my prayer is that people will put their faith and trust in the only one who can redeem us all and bring us back from the precipice

  9. Hi Lillian and Felipe.

    Noticed your YouTube videos on British foods. You have to try Gentleman’s relish or Patum Peperium, its great and one only has to use a small bit of it on food. I prefer it spread thinly on warm toast. Hmmmm, its tasty. It is an acquired taste much like Marmite, I prefer Bovril spread on toast or as a beefy drink on cold mornings when I’m out on the Moors but do try Gentleman’s Relish as I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  10. Felipe and Lilian …. you are a beautiful couple with a lovely family living far from your homeland; what I want to say is that you’ve brought the majority of your followers a great deal of joy with your videos etc., but sadly, always, there are those who are filled with anger and wish for you to go home. We are a beautiful blue and green planet and the song, From a Distance, says it beautifully. We should all try to be at one with each other.

  11. Love your series!As a british expat (live in Thailand) of some twenty years I find it strange whenever I return for a holiday.New generations have different outlooks etc!!
    I see you enjoyed York but you must go further to Northumberland!You may need an interpreter!

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