3 thoughts on “Meeting Queen Elizabeth! | Special Edition

  1. Lillian and Felipe, I find myself becoming addicted to your updates and reports. I am a Brit from Chelmsford, Essex living in Florida for 33 years now but still regard England as Home. I agree with many of your observations but disagree with others as you would expect, I hope. Have you reported from the Tower of London yet? Please make time to take the Beefeater Tour if you haen’t already.
    I find America to be a far more religious country than England and also more conservative. I’m not religious but respect the rights of others and would never criticize anyone outside my inner circle.
    I believe the English are more courteous drivers which they definitely are because they have to be due to the overcrowded smaller roads. I get frustrated over here when I let someone in and they don’t show the good manners to acknowledge me even though I know they won’t, probably my shortcoming.

    You make a great team, you are a great couple. I enjoy your opinions, even when you’re wrong. By the way Felipe I agree Churchill was a Man amongst men when we needed one most. Probably not suited to peace time. Your President at the time said he was one of the Greatest Men in History maybe the Greatest.

    Philip Dixon
    Stuart, Florida

    1. Thank you for your very honest and helpful comment. I apologize for my rude Americans not giving thanks for courtesy!

  2. I do enjoy watching your vidoes .A different perspective.
    I have visited the usa several times and love the country.
    It must be so difficult to find the time to make the videos .Just want to let u know they are appreciated and enjoyed .Best wishes.

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