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Hello Everyone! We love creating awesome content for you, and want to take it to the next level. In order to help us create more and better content, become our Patron! Go over to our brand new Patreon website and find out how to do this, and what you get in return!

5 thoughts on “Launching our Patreon Site!

  1. Hello dear Felipe and Lilian. I’ve been watching your videos for about a year now (such a lovely discovery!) and have only just found out how to contact you apart from the Comments under the videos, which I don’t know how to do 🙁 I was concerned for you from the start, that in doing this you might eventually get some backlash of a nasty sort, and sadly it has been coming for a while now (I do read the Comments). I’m very upset for you, but it does seem to happen on the Internet, upset that my worries have been confirmed. What you are doing is amazing, though I particularly enjoyed your earlier videos such as the ones on Winston Churchill, your Christian life, and Jacob Rees Mogg – also Jordan Peterson. We need a lot more of this stuff, could you do some more on that line? Meanwhile I shall be praying for your protection and prosperity, though I fear the “Nasty Brigade” will still oppose you. With love in Christ from Netti Rose

    1. Thank you for your very encouraging comment, Netti. God bless you. We are doing fine, even though the Brigade is at full force. We will take your suggesting on board. Thank you for watching our content!

  2. I see that you have tried Marmite on toast and other toasty treats but why not try Bovril both as a beefy drink or spread on a slice of hot buttered toast. It’s wonderful and Bovril made into a hot drink is great on a cold day out in the countryside far better than coffee or tea in the thermos flask.

  3. Hi Lillian & Felipe, i hope you are well. Discovered your videos recently. Really enjoy them. It is good to see an American’s take on British life. I guess we Brits take it for granted. I loved the video you did on York as i know it well and live about 23 miles north. Keep up the good work, and my best to you and your lovely family. Ignore the trolls, they are small minded and inconsequential.


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